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Participant Róza’s review: Youth Exchange – What is sacred

    I really like the facilities of the yurt camp. I spend most of the day in nature, but at the same time I have a comfortable mattress and the background of indoor spaces. The only thing I would like to change for next time is the large temperature differences in the yurt during the night. After heating in the stove, it is very warm in the yurt. But the yurt gets cold quickly, so then during the night it was very cold again and this process was repeated several times during the night, whenever someone lit a fire in the.

    I would very much like to highlight the food that was provided for us. The food was vegan from local ingredients and very varied. The cook came up with very delicious and imaginative dishes. I also appreciated that she was able to deal with my many allergies and my diet was varied. I highlight this because from my experience it is not standard at all and I often have a problem with the fact that the organization is not able to provide me with a quality and varied diet.

    Of the entire program, I was most excited about Scott Peck’s community building seminar. When I started the seminar knowing that I would now sit in a yurt for 3 days and do nothing but talk about something, I was quite skeptical about the seminar. We hardly knew each other in the group and we were supposed to create a real community together. The idea that we could do it seemed unrealistic to me. However, during the process, through the other participants, various topics of mine that I deal with in my life began to surface and I shared them with others. The whole process seemed like an accelerator of my thoughts. As I already said, I already knew about those topics for a long time, but I had forgotten a lot of them, or I couldn’t name them. This process showed me all at once and very clearly. I feel that my sharing and the sharing of other people who don’t have such a problem with opening up have helped people who have had a really hard time opening up. I found it almost unbelievable how accurately this group showed me my place in ordinary society. Many things became clear to me here and it is now easier for me to continue working with them.

    I was a little sorry for the intention of the organizers not to tell us the program a long time in advance. We learned the program either in the morning of that day or in the evening of the previous day. On the one hand, it was interesting not knowing what awaited me, but I would rather look forward to the program in advance and know which days I can look forward to more and which ones less.

    Another big “highlight” of the stay, besides the community building seminar according to Scott Peck, was planned the sweat lodge. Unfortunately, due to my health problems, I could not participate in it anyway. But I really appreciated that the organizers had prepared a valuable replacement program just for people who didn’t want or couldn’t participate in the main program.

    As part of the evening voluntary program, a musical evening took place several times, where the organizers created a really beautiful atmosphere. We were all able to join in making music together thanks to rumba balls, drums, etc. I myself play several musical instruments and I was really pleasantly surprised that we had all musical instruments freely available for the duration of our stay, including guitars and flutes. I used it a lot during my lunch breaks.

    The program was really plentiful, however, during the lunch breaks we also had time to go for a swim in the quarry or go for a walk in the forest.

    Thanks to the whole organizing team for the excellent communication of all the details well in advance of the start of the stay. They also helped me a lot with the best way to get to Vrábsko. Thank you once again and I recommend it to all people who want to work on themselves.

    ~ Róza, autumn 2023

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