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FAQ about ESC volunteering

… in words of the volunteer:

What is it the ESC?

The European Solidarity Corps is an EU funding programme for young people wishing to engage in solidarity activities in a variety of areas. These range from helping the disadvantaged to humanitarian aid, as well as contributing to health and environmental action across the EU and beyond.

The European Solidarity Corps finances volunteering (including humanitarian aid) and solidary projects. It is open to individuals aged 18 to 30 (35 for humanitarian aid) and to organizations in EU and partner countries.

So it’s all covered by the EU grant? 

Yes, the hosting organization is receiving money for the accommodation of the volunteers. Volunteers are also receiving money for the food and pocket money that should cover their individual needs. In our case the hosting organization is receiving the grant for the food and is responsible for providing it for us which is beneficial for the project and the volunteers. 

So how does this apply to Vrábsko? 

Volunteers here have the opportunity to learn how to live in a sustainable and healthy way. Which leads to more green practice and helps the environment. Volunteers are also helping to move the community to another level through their work. The volunteers usually work 35 hours per week.

Then how does our typical day look like? 

Usually our days consist of two blocks, each of them lasting for three hours. For example in the morning during one block we are doing mosaics and during another we are focused on the garden. Our activities are various and depend on our interests and needs of the community. Nonetheless we have some usual tasks like every Monday we are starting the day with personal development and finishing with maintaining the social media. We are also having on a regular basis various workshops from making ferments to wood carving. 

But what exactly are you doing? 

So here’s the list of our main activities:

  • Carpet making
  • Taking care of the ducks
  • Gardening and tree planting
  • Making ferments like kimchi and kombucha 
  • Food production like apple pure 
  • Mozaika making 
  • Maintaining social media 
  • Cooking for the events 
  • Making raw vegan sweets and cakes 

Why are you here?

Of course apart from our will to help it’s a perfect opportunity to learn something new, to make it better for the earth and to take a break in life and reflect on what we actually want. Especially that here we are cherishing slow living and following our needs. 

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! You can learn so much, meet so many great people, discover new things about yourself and just have the adventure of all time.