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Masha has style. That’s clear. You can find Maša in a long skirt and an epic gold frame at her Na Tělo workshop or as a loner in shorts making a second infusion of black tea in a gas bomb tent. But seriously now. She cooks really well too. And she introduces pre-existing and new meaningful systems – for example, how to eat more raw and simply, how to accept taboos or how to truly share (things, food, car and communication) in the community, not just play it. She just has a knack for it.

Míša Ahimsa

Misha’s compassion for peace is so great that Ghandi’s philosophy and Ahimsa – do no harm – has become part of her name and life. After seven years of experience from the Vila Flora project in Prague, where they developed an ecological and sustainable lifestyle, which inspired others, she moved to the bosom of nature and creates raw goodies and an ecological home drug store with her own help. Her fiery involvement and great motivation to change the world for the better is the main drive of the organizational component and patronage of the European Volunteer Program in Vrábsko.


Markéta is a bit of a fairy, but often with a scythe or a spade in her hand. She maintains the space while others run back and forth through it for more professional activity. She brings more colors and corners to the space – for example mosaic tiles in the common background or a pink flower garden. Otherwise, she is a bit quiet, mysterious and thoughtful, and maybe that is why she sometimes brings unconventional insights into the circle. She is a universal element of the community and is suitable for such general things where no one else can be found.

Míša Čopfová

Míša is a magician of the written word, cooked food and creation. Thanks to her, we have a package-free shop and full bellies. She brightens up the space with her smile and laughter and does not hesitate to throw herself into the organization of events, festivals and events and bring her original variety. She is thus an indispensable part of the smooth running of life in Vrábsko as well as joint movie or dance evenings and rituals.


Lenka, with her years of experience in the field of group management, facilitation of Community Building communication seminars and psychotherapy, stands in the background of the entire community as a cohesive element. It was she who advocated for the joint bonding of the group with the help of nourishing Community Building and she will support any conflict or support any of us when needed. Such a mentor. And then she planted countless zucchinis, pumpkins, tomatoes, leeks and cucumbers in our long beds. Lenka can be found in the garden enjoying the peaceful kindness of plants and learning to cooperate with the raw uncompromisingness of nature’s cycles and snails. In the evenings you can find her enjoying permaculture or self-development literature.


Oh, Hynek, that’s the bard. Hynek moves somewhere between kombucha, guitar and fermented cabbage heads (kimchi). He is also the co-author of the project together with Míša and advocates changing our thinking and lifestyle. An inseparable part are his songs, which always delight at the beginning of the circle and caress after it ends. After a bit of observation you catch a glimpse of alienness, Hynek loves Earthships and is sure to fly away one day in a flying saucer powered by bacteria gas. But we still have to wait for that. Until then, let’s be inspired by his incredible dedication to everything that gives him meaning.


Jarda is a newer part of the community but he looked around very quickly and got involved enthusiastically. Thanks to his spark, he brings energy where it already tends to wither and cool. He encourages everyone to share more, co-exist and create, as well as swimming in a quarry or a pond. Of course, how else than by getting involved. He moves the overgrown corners of relationships and space with his clear logic – such meaningless things have no business here. He radiates well-being and purity – his philosophy influenced by yoga and fruitarianism.


Jitka is a bit of a mother and a grandmother in one. Mom because she’s really a mom and grandma because she brings an element of lightness. She doesn’t make science out of nothing, you can sit quietly by the fire with her, she cooks up everything, she rounds out unnecessarily sharp situations with her wise opinions and brings that naturalness that the community has written into its values, but sometimes it’s hard to follow them all. At the same time, she is also an organizer of events and produces mudel, washing gel or buckwheat pillows. She likes it best in the kitchen, in the textile workshop and in the garden.


Filip knows everything. He is a technical member of the community, designs and co-realizes the houses of the Residence, knows the mayor, connects electricity, water and gas, builds a fence, a house, a pergola and a chicken coop. But like all the members, he is multifunctional, so he will enjoy the poetry of the morning fog when the ducks are released early or any cultural event as an early bird. Filip has a sense of quality, precision and diplomacy, but behind the bobcat shift-levers, he certainly doesn’t lack sparkles in his eyes.


Aleš is the base. Such a building block that has his own opinion, you can’t just move him, and you need himto not fly away. Aleš is facilitating rituals, fire, drum, carving knives or straightedge. Together with Filip, they started making Tiny Houses and became the head and hands of the Obydlo project. In his free time he carves beautiful wooden spoons and bowls. He also holds the guitar here and there. Aleš has transformed life in the community into greater sensitivity and empathy, and in addition to firmness, you will also find understanding, kindness and a soft look. And you just can’t find that.


Eomi is a satellite of Vrábsko. She flies around, she always visits us for a circle or a ritual. She makes a safflower pesto and slathers on it, stirs up the atmosphere, hugs us and then nothing for a month. On the circles, she brings her dynamics, emotions and a mirror in combination – sensitive, uncompromising and grounded. Maybe she’ll live with us one day and I’ll write more.