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Vrábsko Community

Welcome to an emerging ecovillage

Our vision

“To learn, develop and apply the principles of natural, sustainable and communal human life and in harmony with nature.”


Most of the members of the community have their own projects in the field of human development, care for the planet and crafts. Many of them take place or have a background in Vrábsko.

About us

The sparks of the vision for establishing and building an eco-village, which we are now implementing in Vrábsko, rose around 2016. The fateful flame was ignited in the community space on Sklenářka, where in the summer of 2019 a group of people with this common vision connected with the owner of the space in which we are now creating .

Anthem of Vrábsko

European Solidarity Corps

We participate together in the European ESC and Erasmus+ program.

Global network of ecovillages

We are on the map of the international network of ecovillages.