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Vision and values


About 50-70 of us live here. We are a small ecovillage. We are one of the ecovillages in the Czech Republic, we are interconnected. Children learn together here – in our School of Life. We have workshops for creating everything possible – a fermentation workshop, a weaving workshop for making carpets and bags, a sewing workshop, a workshop for working with wood…

We live in our own smaller houses and a few buildings in several enclaves, each with its own common facilities. Some live more independently, some live together a lot. Although some people have their own little garden around the house, we also have communal gardening and an edible forest.

In addition to the desire to live meaningfully, in respect and in a natural grouping, we are also connected by the project of an educational center and a place where people come for stays. Visitors are inspired, take part in the proceedings, relax and experience the local atmosphere. They are transformed by the direct experience of being in Vrábsk.


…they are what we – members of the Vrábsko community believe, how we want to live, what kind of world we want around us. They don’t say that we live like this without exception and that we all succeed one hundred percent. They are a guide and a shared vision that guides our hearts and actions.


Activities are actions, deeds and manifestation in the material world, how we apply our values – the values of the Vrábsko community. To some extent, they happen in the here and now and are also visions – deepening with experience, development and time.

  • We are moving towards self-sufficiency and an ecological way of life.
  • We share things, tools, infrastructure, experiences….
  • We work together, solve needs together: sustenance, repairs, administration, coordination.
  • We are dedicated to crafts.
  • We produce products, food for us and for the public.
  • We grow, harvest, from sprouts to edible forest.
  • We breed. At least chickens and children.
  • We have business spillover into the wider society.
  • We are dedicated to exploring, discovering and treading the path.
  • We are building. Our construction reflects harmony with needs and nature.
  • We do regular joint rituals, spiritual activities.
  • We play and play. We celebrate, we rejoice.
  • We also share sadness
  • We take care of our health, both mental and physical.
  • We create a nice living space around us, corners, lakes…
  • We meet (for deep contact as well as for lightness and fun).
  • We create, share and maintain common spaces.
  • We are dedicated to the natural upbringing of children.
  • We make events for the outside world, hold and create facilities for such events.
  • We connect with the outside world. We network with relatives.
  • We create space and opportunities for education, we educate