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How ESC Volunteering changes my life

    This project means a lot of changes for me. From living in a city with around 250 000 citizens to living in a village where you are going for a walk and there’s nobody around. From being in a school for a whole day long to being more active in my daily life and gaining experience in a non-formal way. And I love it. I feel less stressed, I feel that I’m doing what I want, that work is bringing me pleasure and I’m gaining knowledge in most practical aspects.

    Ok, but what I am learning in practice? I already know how to make soap (of course some basics), the art of kombucha and other fermentation, what mushrooms I can pick in our forest (even though I wouldn’t risk going by myself and eating it…), non-toxic way of cleaning, how to save water, how to do the sprouts, how to take care of the garden, how to plant trees and thousands other things because here you can’t be bored. But what brings me the most joy is working in the garden, it just gives me pure energy. Learning a new way how you can use your hands, it’s just amazing. Especially since ducks are creating a fabulous atmosphere as well. They are around me all the time. Probably just in search of slugs but I believe that they are there because I’m gaining their trust by feeding them, changing their water, and making sure that they are as happy as it’s possible. And even though sometimes it’s hard to go to the garden and leave warm of the house it’s worth it.

    Of course, a big part of my project is also discovering what it means to live in a community. And for me, it’s all of those little stuff that creates a big picture. Like having a meeting one time per week where we share how we are, what can be improved, and how we can support each other. Having some nice moments during the day like playing the instruments (even though I’m mostly a listener…), and sharing lunches. And just enjoying being together but still in an individual way. Because everyone here is bringing something really unique to the community that’s also a way each person can feel welcomed here. But still with all of this positive stuff sometimes I have the thoughts that I lost my mind, that instead of volunteering in a foreign country I should be in my home in college. But it’s part of the process, the process of chasing your dreams. So after all I wouldn’t change a single thing and come again to Vrábsko. Because what I can say is it’s awesome here…

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