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Visions and Plans: Mapping Out the Year Ahead

    We are in the middle of January. Every day is longer than the previous one. There is very little snow, which has stayed there for a few days. As I am writing this blog post, I see chickens just in front of my window. Outside looks very static; not much is changing in the weather. But what is going on in the statek!

    Energy is definitely rising (at least in me), with some small breaks for integration. Despite a calm and peaceful atmosphere, there is a lot of information and tasks coming. Somehow it seems that events for the entire year are crystallizing. I was just proposed to become a volunteer coordinator for quite a big group of people. That will be the first time for me, and I am SUPER EXCITED about that. Luckily, I have a nice step-by-step preparation now because we are just discussing Team Volunteering, which will happen in March/April here in Vrabsko!

    All the applications coming for Teams are also giving a fresh wind of inspiration. People from entirely different backgrounds, with different skill sets, different ages, but somehow all interested in sustainability, living close to nature, respecting life on the planet. I guess it will be a time of growth and sharing knowledge not only for participants but also for us!

    On top of that, we did all the preparations and sent the call for long-term volunteers 🙂 Feels very exciting to see that we can provide such an amazing opportunity to another ‘generation’ of young, international people. This type of help that the project is receiving here (now from me) is mutually beneficial. I am deeply grateful as a volunteer that I could be here, and as someone who cares for the project, that other people are on their way…

    I really enjoyed going through our website to update info and add some functionalities. It gave me precious experience, and I saw that I actually like that kind of stuff! Surprisingly, it gives me a lot of satisfaction to do these small functional adjustments, making the website smoother and easier to find info!

    Proposals for some great projects are coming in… Visiting an eco-village in Spain, which manages 25ha of land? Sounds amazing! Going there with green travel through whole Europe? That is a great opportunity for an adventure!

    Somehow, naturally, this time became a time of visions. A time of making plans, connecting dots. Time for painting the picture of the whole year in our imagination… And I really like this picture.

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