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Nurturing True Connections: Exploring M. Scott Peck’s Community Building Experience

    Last week I have expirience process of Community Building with Vrabsko community. Here I share with you brief overview on the process, and my personal expirience!

    Morgan Scott Peck, famous for his widely read book “The Road Less Traveled,” went beyond individual psychology to explore how groups function together. His focus was on building more than just surface-level connections—he referred to it as “True Community.”

    Let’s delve into the four stages of community development proposed by Scott Peck: Pseudocommunity, Chaos, Emptiness, and True Community.

    1. Pseudocommunity:
      • This is where individuals pretend everything is fine, even if there are differing thoughts and feelings.
      • On the outside, it may appear friendly, but it conceals true thoughts and emotions.
      • To progress beyond this stage, it takes courage and a willingness to go deeper than the surface.
    2. Chaos:
      • Moving from pretense to genuine connection can be messy. Conflicts arise, and things may seem unruly.
      • However, according to Peck, this chaos is necessary for authentic community.
      • Embracing this discomfort is a key factor in personal growth and understanding others.
    3. Emptiness:
      • After the chaos settles, there’s a stage of emptiness.
      • Here, individuals let go of old ideas and become open to new possibilities.
      • It’s not a frightening emptiness but rather a space where true community can take root.
    4. True Community:
      • The ultimate goal is “True Community,” where individuals have navigated through challenges to form deep connections.
      • This community is characterized by understanding, respect, and a shared purpose for everyone’s well-being.

    We have spent together 30 hours, from thursday to sunday, divided into blocks. Meeting was facilitated by Vanda Marečková and Martin Kaše. I am deeply gratefull that I could participate in this lifechanging expirience!

    Taking part in a community-building process with a group that had done it before was a powerful experience for me. The strong connections created a sense of vulnerability that touched me deeply. During this journey, I felt my heart open, allowing me to see others with kindness.

    This experience wasn’t just communal; it also helped me personally. It brought out deep fears, like fear of closeness and trusting others. But it also motivated me to improve myself and contribute meaningfully to community projects.

    Even though some time has passed, the impact is still with me. The feeling of community is woven into my ongoing personal growth, the need for emotional relief, and a lasting sense of safety.

    This whole experience has changed how I see life. It’s clear now that the way I lived before wasn’t aligned with my true purpose. The deep sense of community I’ve always sought is now a vital part of your purpose and fulfillment.

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