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About Vrábsko

Spoluzemě Vrábsko consists of people who have decided to live in close connection with nature, with others, with themselves and with their mission. It was founded in Autumn of 2019.

We are settled in a small village surrounded by beautiful woodlands, meadows, ponds & creeks. With a community of 15 people we are making a foundation for a future eco village. We are designing a permaculture plan for the land that one of our member owns; we are gardening, conserving & fermenting food, making herbal tinctures; we are building tiny houses, renting yurts in a yurtcamp, making natural soaps & cosmetics, we recycle old fabric into carpets, etc; we cook vegan meals for groups, we prepare raw vegan products for sale, we organise small events such as festival of self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyle retreats.

The place consists of several consecutive plots, and one separate one. At present, the main housing and facilities for members and their activities are two so-called ‘Enclaves’. Between them is a large meadow with a permaculture garden and an area with yurts. The total land area is about 9 hectares.

At the beginning of 2023, around 15 adults and 2 children lived in the community. The common activities include sharing common households, developing and caring for indoor and outdoor spaces, shared meals, frequent work / organisational meetings, celebrations, music jams, rituals, internal self-development seminars, work weekends and events for the public. The community has a clear structure – members and awaiting members form work groups that deal with the development of the project, which is coordinated by an elected council and a circle of the whole community meets and negotiates nine times a year.

For the practical and creative needs of the members and for the realisation of self-sufficiency, we have a zero waste shop, a permaculture garden and a sewing workshop.

Most members have other projects of their own in the areas of human development, environmental friendliness and crafts. Many of them are happening or have a background in Vrábsko. Among them are:

  • Míša Ahimsa and Hynek came from Villa Flora project and run http://Ahimsa.Land, a club for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. They make videos, organise events and offer products.
  • Hynek produces kombucha, kimchi, fermented cabbage, fruit mustard, medicinal sprays, and other ferments within the projects Hynek’s ferments and Kombuchaman
  • Míša and Jitka produce raw fruit sweets from dates as part of the FruityDay project
  • Jitka and her Šivá – Art and transformation of the old into the new. Sewing, cooking vegan food and soap making, drawing and craft –
  • Aleš and Filip produce tiny houses and ecological mobile wooden buildings in their company Obydlo.
  • In addition, Aleš leads shamanic seminars and organizes and leads rituals in Vrábsko.
  • Petr is a photographer and creates videos for Ahimsa.Land –
  • Markéta is an artist and creates a lot of various art pieces!
  • Masha bakes bread and cooks very well (at seminars), teaches yoga and organizes seminars
  • Lenka is a psychotherapist, gardener, Circle facilitator and Community Building Workshops facilitator
  • Míša Čopfová cooks quality vegetarian and vegan meals at seminars.

An integral part of the community is – it is owned and operated by Lucie, the mentioned owner of the community’s premises. It provides good job opportunities for locals. Yurt camp is in the spring – autumn season available for rent for various events, in the winter we use it for our community meetings and circles. In the winter season it can be also used for stays of volunteers and people interested in our community.

The community and its members and inhabitants are connected with other community places, communities and ecovillages in the Czech Republic and abroad. Many of us went through, or came directly from Villa Flora, the community at Sklenářka, Kočka v tašce community housing, the Zeměsouznění association / ecovillage or the Lorien community centre. Míša Ahimsa and Hynek are connected to the Free and Real eco-community in Greece. We are open to new members.

Our Aims:

  • Create a harmonious community of 30+ members focused on personal development, sustainable and healthy lifestyle, in harmony with nature
  • Develop a permaculture garden with edible forest and get to a high level of food self-sufficiency
  • Become as self-sufficient as possible by applying various sustainable systems (solar & wind power, water recycling, zero waste practices, etc.)
  • Learn from various eco villages in the world, find the best practices, apply them to our project, and share this wisdom with other people & communities

Structures we wish to create soon:

  • Swimming pond with a deck as a common area for the community
  • Living willow structures – kids area, yoga and meditation area, etc.
  • Houses from natural materials and Earthships
  • Reconstruct existing houses to make them more sustainable (e.g. add greenhouse) and gradually turning the house into an educational center
  • Workshops for various crafts and arts (such as carpentry, weaving, painting, ceramics)
  • Forest kindergarten and alternative school

Our target groups:

Our target groups consist of people who are interested in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. People who wish to learn a more healthy way of eating, adapting various techniques of fermentation, kombucha brewing and raw vegan cooking. We also aim to serve people interested in community lifestyle, permaculture and personal development. In general, we aim at especially young people searching to live a more meaningful life. With us they will experience a diversity of activities and philosophies to inspire them in their future life.